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Creating a Configuration Management Project
si createproject
When creating a project, you only create the project container. To add files, or members, to the project, you must create a Sandbox on your client machine that points to the project and then add the project members through that Sandbox.
To create a project, select one of the following:
Project > Create
File > New > Project
Keep the following points in mind when creating a project:
When you specify the name of the new configuration management project, Windchill RV&S automatically assigns the .pj file extension. If you specify a .pj file extension in uppercase or mixed case, Windchill RV&S replaces that file extension with the correct lowercase .pj file extension. If you specify a file extension other than .pj, Windchill RV&S appends the .pj file extension to the virtual file name.
The .pj project file is a virtual file, and it does not appear in the file system for Sandboxes.
A single configuration management project name can be used only once in the same location.
For case-insensitive repositories, Windchill RV&S does not distinguish between configuration management project names differing only in case. For example, if project.pj already exists in C:/Aurora_Program, you cannot create PROJECT.pj in C:/Aurora_Program. This results in an error and Windchill RV&S requires you to specify a different path and file name, or a different project name.
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