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Workflows and Documents Projects View
Using the Windchill RV&S administration client, you can manage workflow and document projects from one convenient location: the Projects view.
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To open the Projects view from the Windchill RV&S administration client, expand the Workflows and Documents node, and select Projects. The Projects view displays.
The data filter in the Projects view displays the names and descriptions of active projects by default; however, you can also configure the view to display the backing item ID (if specified), open image, and closed image.
If you are a project administrator, only the projects that you are assigned to display in the Projects view, allowing you to select, edit, and view only those projects. If you have additional permissions that allow you to view projects you are not assigned to, such as Admin or CreateProject, those projects also display in the Projects view.
With Windchill RV&S, you can create projects and subprojects, as needed. You can even add a subproject to a subproject, as well as edit projects. If a project has subprojects, a + displays to the left. To expand the project so you can see its subprojects, click +. To launch a detailed view of the project, double click the name itself.
To display entries in user and group fields when submitting items, at least one project must be shared with each available group, and the users and groups must have visibility into that project.
If you double click a project, the Project <name> dialog box displays for the selected project allowing you to view the properties.
When you create a project, you can add additional information in a description field. For example, you can enter the project objective, start and end dates, name of the project manager, resources—anything that pertains to the project.
When creating a project, you can also designate users or groups as Windchill RV&S project administrators for that project.
Any changes you make in the Projects view have an immediate effect on your Windchill RV&S database. The project list is sorted alphabetically.
Available Menu Commands for Workflow and Document Projects
Through the Projects view, you can:
edit the details for existing projects
view the details for existing projects
delete projects
create new projects
create a child project
reparent an existing project
create a backing item
edit the backing item
view backing item details