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To back a workflow and document project with an Item
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1. Create a Project type, and enable the Back Projects option in the Attributes view.
To make this option available, the Project field must be selected as a visible field for the type.
2. Add relevant fields to the Project type to capture the metadata you want, for example, a user field that identifies the assigned project manager, date fields that record important milestones (Feature Freeze, Code Freeze, Project Completion), or computed fields that calculate budget information.
3. Create a workflow and document project that you want to link to a Project item.
4. With the new project selected in the Projects view, select Item > Create Backing Item. The Create Item dialog box displays.
If there is more than one type that can back a project, a Type Selection dialog box displays a list of types that have the Back Projects option enabled and that you have view and modify permissions for. Select the type you want to back the project for, and click OK.
From the Projects view, you can view or edit a project’s existing backing item by selecting the project, and selecting Project > View Backing Item Details or Edit Backing Item.
5. Enter the information for the Project item in the fields provided.
6. Save the item. The item now holds the project metadata for the specified project in the Project field.
7. Record information in the Project item as you would any other item. Use queries, charts, reports, and dashboards to monitor and communicate project status to others.