Server Administration > Workflow and SCM Projects > Creating Workflow and Document Projects > To create a workflow and document subproject in the GUI
To create a workflow and document subproject in the GUI
im createproject
1. From the Projects view, select the workflow and document project you want to create the subproject in.
2. Select Project > Create Child. The Create Project dialog box displays.
3. Follow the same procedure as for creating a project, except for setting permissions. On the Permissions tab, select one of the following options:
Inherit permissions from parent applies the same project permissions to the project’s children.
Restrict access to these groups lets you limit the number of user groups that can see a subproject by eliminating selected groups from the groups authorized to see the project.
If you select this option, you must manually choose which user groups can view the new project by moving them from the Available Groups pane and adding them to the Permitted Groups pane:
To allow all user groups access to the project, click <<.
To add a single group, choose the group name in the Available Groups list, and click <.
To remove all groups from the Permitted Groups, click >>.
To remove a single group from the Permitted Groups, select this group, and click <.