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To create a workflow and document project in the GUI
im createproject
1. From the Projects view, select Project > Create. The Create Project dialog box displays.
2. In the Name field, type a name for the new workflow and document project. This is the name the project is known by in Windchill RV&S. This field allows up to 100 alphanumeric characters.
The qualified project name in Windchill RV&S uses a forward slash (/) delimiter for all operating systems.
Underneath the Name field, the following message displays: Project is currently not backed by an item. Backing a project with an item allows you to link the current project to a specific item that stores project metadata and metrics.
3. Using the Active option, specify whether a project is considered active or inactive in Windchill RV&S. By default, the project is created active. To deactivate the project, clear the Active check box. Deactivated projects do not display in filtered project lists, such as Project; however, an inactive project’s name can still be displayed using the inactive filter, if available.
4. To add a descriptive statement for the project, click the Description tab, and type your description.
5. To set the parentage of the project, click the Parentage tab. The Parentage panel displays. The parentage of a project determines whether the new project is a parent or child project. You can drag the project to a new location if required.
6. To associate an icon image with the project field, click the Images tab. The Images panel displays the default options for open and closed project folders.
To use the predefined icon images for either open or closed project folders, select Use Default Image.
To use your own icon image that exists somewhere in your file system, select Use Custom Image, and browse for the image file.
To associate no icon image with the project field, select No Image.
If you choose to use a custom icon image, the image must be in GIF or JPEG format, and no larger than 24 (width) by 16 (height) pixels.
7. You can now set the project permissions, including which groups can view the project. To set the project permissions, click the Permissions tab. The Permissions panel displays.
Only groups you add to the Permitted Groups pane can see the project.
To allow all user groups access to the project, click <<.
To add a single group, choose the group name in the Available Groups list, and click <.
To remove all groups from the Permitted Groups, click >> > .
To remove a single group from the Permitted Groups, select this group, and click <.
8. To assign specified users or groups as project administrators for the new project, click the Administrators tab and move the target users or groups from the available column to the assigned column. Administrators are allowed to view and edit the project.
9. To save your settings and create the new project, click OK.