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Restoring Deleted Projects
You can restore deleted projects by using the si migrate command with the --restoreFromBackup option.
To restore a deleted project, specify the command in the following form:
si migrate --restoreFromBackup=projectNames
where projectNames specifies the names of projects to restore from the backup tables in the database.
Review the migration logs to ensure no errors occurred, and then manually publish the restored projects (or members). For more information on si migrate, see the Database Repository Migrator Guide.
Key Considerations
If no project names are specified, all projects from the database are restored. If project names are specified, only those projects are restored.
Currently there is no mechanism to browse the backup tables to determine which projects are available for restoration, so it is recommended you refer to the log that was generated during backup or contact PTC Technical Support for assistance.
The restore operation migrates the backup tables to the latest version of the schema before beginning the migration.
If during the restore, a project (or archive) is encountered in the repository with the same name as the one being restored from the backup table, the project (or archive) is skipped (and any children such as subprojects or members).
Restoring deleted objects does not re-establish links between those objects and objects not deleted.
When restoring deleted objects, si migrate does not restore subprojects or archives that correspond to kept objects. Kept objects only correspond to dumped objects if they were within the tree of the project deleted. If there are missing archives or projects, the migrator creates a stub in the tree.