Server Configuration > Server Policies for SCM > States Policies > To set the policy for states
To set the policy for states
1. Start the Windchill RV&S administration client and open the Configuration Management Policies section.
2. Highlight Global Policies, and select Policies > Edit. The policy editor displays.
3. To display the states policy, click the States tab. Any existing states are listed, one per line (from the starting state to the final state of the workflow) in the main text area.
4. To enter a new state, type the name of the state in the text entry field and click Add. To remove a state name from the list, highlight the name and click Remove. To edit an existing state, highlight the state name in the list and click Edit.
You can also change the order of a state item by highlighting it and then clicking the up or down arrow.
To lock the states policy, click the lock box beside that policy. Locking a policy at the global level prevents any other project policy or client preference from overriding that policy. A lock symbol displays for all policies that are locked. Policies that are explicitly set display in a bold font.
5. Move to the next policy tab to configure other policy options, or to accept the changes and exit, click OK.