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Rules for Jumps
When jumping to a specific configuration in a project path, the following rules apply:
You cannot jump anywhere from a build project.
You can jump from a normal project to a variant only if it is the root of the variant (the project through which the development path was created).
You cannot jump to a variant if it differs from the closest variant higher in the project hierarchy (if there is a higher variant). When no subprojects are configured as variants in the hierarchy, the closest variant is the variant of the top-level project. When at least one subproject in the hierarchy is configured as a variant, the closest variant is the variant of the lowest configured subproject. This does not include the variant of the subproject on which the jump is specified, if it is currently configured as a variant.
The last two rules are verified based on the type of the parent project.
You can always jump to the current configuration of a subproject, even if it violates the rules listed above.