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To edit configuration management policies
1. From the Windchill RV&S administration client, select Configuration Management > Policies. The Global Policies section displays in the right pane.
2. Highlight Global Policies in the right display pane.
3. Select Policies > Edit. The policy editor displays the policy section you selected.
To edit global policies, you can also open the shortcut menu by highlighting Global Policies in the right pane, right clicking, and selecting Edit. To edit project policies, choose the project in the right pane, right click, and select Edit.
To display the global policies that are set for the Windchill RV&S server, double click to expand the Global Policies section in the right pane.
4. Click the tab for the policy options you want to edit and make the necessary changes.
At any time after changing the policy settings, you can restore all default settings by clicking Reset to Defaults. Clicking the reset button resets only the options displayed on the tab that is currently active.
Options that have been explicitly set display in a bold typeface.
5. To enable a policy option, select that option. For example, to require a revision description each time a member is checked in, select the Revision Description Required option.
6. To lock any policy, click the lock box beside that policy. Locking a policy at the global level prevents any other project policy or client preference from overriding that policy.
A check mark displays for all enabled policies. A lock symbol displays for all policies that are locked.
The following example illustrates a configuration setting for Revision Description Required where the policy is locked at the global level and cannot be overridden by the client. This configuration requires all users to enter a revision description before a file revision can be checked in.
7. To accept the changes after you have edited the required policies, click OK.