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To copy configuration management policies
1. From the Windchill RV&S administration client, expand the Configuration Management node and select the Policies section. The Global Policies and any other policy sections display in the right pane.
2. Highlight Global Policies in the right pane, and select Policies > Copy. The Copy Policy Section Wizard displays.
You can also highlight Global Policies in the right pane, right click to open the shortcut menu, and select Copy.
3. Click Select to specify the project that the policy section applies to. The Select a Project dialog box displays.
4. Select the registered project you want the policies to apply to and click OK. The path to the project displays in the Project Name field.
To specify the type of project the policy section applies to, click Next.
5. Select the type of project, whether Normal or Variant, and click Finish. The policy section is copied to the selected project, with the exception of the Windchill RV&SEnabled policy.
Variant projects are only displayed as an active option if you have previously created a development path for the target project. For more information on working with development paths, see the User documentation.