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To specify a preference for the tool used when differencing files
Windchill RV&S provides the configurable property diffTools that you can use to specify a preference for the third party tool the Windchill RV&S client will open when differencing specified file types. When differencing files of the specified type, the Windchill RV&S client opens the differencing tool specified in diffTools property.
To configure this preference, you must add the diffTools property to the IntegrityClientSite.rc file found in the following location:
where installdir is the Windchill RV&S client installation directory.
The syntax for the property is as follows:
toolname is the name of the third party tool you want to use.
extension specifies the file extension(s) of the file type(s) that will use the defined differencing tool (multiple file extensions are specified using a comma separated list).
For example:
diffTools.mydifftool.title=My Diff Tool
In the preceding example, when you selected files with an extension of abc or xyz for differencing, the client would open those files in My Diff Tool.
For more configuration information, see the comments in the IntegrityClientSite.rc file. For more information on working with differencing and merge tool preferences, see the Windchill RV&S Help Center.