Server Configuration > Server Policies for SCM > Windchill RV&S client Defaults > To set client default preference options
To set client default preference options
1. Start the Windchill RV&S administration client and open the Configuration Management Policies section.
2. Highlight Global Policies, and select Policies > Edit. The policy editor displays.
3. To display policy options for setting default client commands and views, click the Client Defaults tab.
To lock the client defaults policy, click the lock box beside that policy. Locking a policy at the global level prevents any other project policy or client preference from overriding that policy.
A check mark displays for all Boolean options set to true. A lock symbol displays for all options that are locked. Policies that are explicitly set display in a bold font.
4. On the Commands tab, click the list to select the available commands.
Set the policy options available under the selected command by clicking the check box beside the option.
For the Checkout and Lock commands, Change Package specifies the change package selection that the system displays whenever the client attempts to check out or lock a file. The available options are the most recently used change package (Active) or no change package (None).
5. On the Views tab, you can currently choose one of two views —Update Archive Attributes View or Revision Contents View. As required, select the option for Break Lock. This option allows users to break locks held by other users.
6. Move to the next policy tab to configure other policy options, or accept the changes and exit by clicking OK.