Server Configuration > Server Policies for SCM > Change Package Policies > To set the policies for change packages
To set the policies for change packages
1. Start the Windchill RV&S administration client and open the Configuration Management Policies section.
2. Highlight Global Policies, and select Policies > Edit. The policy editor displays.
3. To display policies for change packages, click the Change Packages tab.
4. To enable a policy option, select that option. For example, to require change packages each time a member is checked in, select the Change Packages Mandatory option.
To lock any policy, click the lock box beside that policy. Locking a policy at the global level prevents any other project policy or client preference from overriding that policy.
A check mark displays for all enabled policies. A lock symbol displays for all policies that are locked. Policies that are explicitly set display in a bold font.
5. Move to the next policy tab to configure other policy options, or to accept the changes and exit, click OK.