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Automated Backup of Derby Database
The Windchill RV&S server automatically performs a daily back up of the embedded Derby database. The automatic backup is in addition to the routine backups that you would perform for any database. This is a requirement because Derby has no special backup procedures if the database is in use during a normal file system backup.
By default, the Windchill RV&S server makes a backup copy of the embedded Derby database automatically every 24 hours. The default time for the backup is midnight (00:00). By default, the backup copy is saved to the following directory:
You can change the backup directory for the embedded Derby database by changing the mksis.databaseBackupLocation property found under:
The time for the backup function is controlled by the mksis.repository.backuptime property found in the file.
You can change the value that sets the time; the format is HH:MM, where HH is in hours from 0–23, and MM is in minutes from 0–59. For example, if your regular database backup runs at 23:00, you could set the automatic backup time to mksis.repository.backuptime=22:30.
Only one backup is stored at any one time (that is, one backup is stored in each cycle and then is overwritten in the next cycle).