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Setting a Field Override for a Type
When you set a field override for a type, you are effectively customizing the applicable field attribute to suit the types that you administer. Windchill RV&S applies the new attribute value only for the field you are editing. The customized value supersedes the global settings for the target attribute when referenced by the selected field. You can have localized overridden descriptions based on the PTC-supported locales.
Overrides can be set for all fields referenced by that type. However, only the Description field attribute is available for localized override.
To Set a Field Override for a Type from the Windchill RV&S administration client
im editfield --overrideForType=typeID --description="XXXX" fieldID
1. From the Types view, select the type.
2. Select Type > Edit Type.
3. Select Visible Fields and add the field to the list.
4. Select Overrides for Fields.
5. Right-click the field that you want to override and select Edit. The Edit Field Overrides For Type window appears.
To view the existing overrides for a field, right-click the field and select View.
6. On the Description tab, select Override the global description. In the text field, type the description that you want to apply to this field only when referenced by this type.
On the Description tab, if the Override the global description checkbox is not selected, the global description for the field is displayed but not editable. If this checkbox is selected, it means that the description is overridden in at least one of the locales.
7. To save your changes, click OK.
If you clear the Override the global description checkbox, you are prompted to confirm the removal of translations that are available for the override in all locales.