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Logging Licensing Information
The server root/log/license.log file logs licensing information on the Windchill RV&S server. This log file is configured in server root/server/mks/conf/log4j.xml under the category mksis.IntegrityServer.License, and logged to the LICENSE appender. The LICENSE appender is a size-based rolling file appender that stores 10 MB per log file, and retains a maximum of five log files. Versions of license.log are named incrementally, for example, license.1.log and license.2.log.
By default, the log file displays information at a logging level of WARN or higher, including any failure to acquire a license and license expiry details (only if the license has an expiry date).
When the license monitoring service starts up, it queries the FlexNet server for license expiry details, recording the details to license.log. The earliest expiry date found across all FEATURE and INCREMENT lines for each license name is recorded. Due to the limitations of FlexNet, it may not always be possible to report on the expiry dates of individual INCREMENT lines when pointed at a license server.
License acquisitions and releases are printed at the INFO log level, and may be useful if you are concerned about who is using seat licenses.
The five most recent license.log files are captured in the support package.
Logging License Expiry Warnings