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Understanding Template Designer Interface
Presentation templates are customizable layouts for displaying items in Windchill RV&S. Windchill RV&S’s presentation template designer allows you to customize the layout and display of items in your Windchill RV&S database. The template designer incorporates drag and drop functionality to help you create a custom layout for a selected item type.
Certain tools also work in a modal fashion, that is, by clicking the tool on the toolbar you can operate in the selected mode on the design pane. Template properties and the preview function are also available on the toolbar.
You can only work with presentation templates from the Windchill RV&S administration client.
The following shows the main features of the template designer interface.
Available Tools
The presentation template designer includes tools to help you create a customized presentation for your items. Certain tools can work in two modes:
clicking the tool to operate in the selected mode, for example, clicking the text tool to insert a text label into a cell
dragging the tool onto the design pane to add the selected component, for example, drag the image tool from the toolbar to insert an image into a cell