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General Properties
General properties include settings for background color and the layout for any fields that are not referenced by the template.
To access general properties, click on the toolbar to open the Layout Properties dialog box, and click the General tab. The available settings for general properties display in the dialog box.
Once you have modified the necessary general properties, you can click the next tab to configure additional properties. If you have completed your changes, click OK to save them and close the dialog box.
The following table summarizes the available general properties:
General Properties
Background Color
Specifies preferred background color of entire template. Select preferred background color by selecting:
available named HTML color
option for Custom… and then a color from the selectors for Swatches, HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness), or RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
By default, background color is default as determined by operating system.
Unreferenced Fields Layout
Specifies default layout for any fields not referenced by template. Available fields from field view pane not inserted into cell. Options are:
Single field per row allowing only one field on row of template
Multiple fields per row allowing more than one field on row of template
By default, unreferenced fields layout set to Single field per row.
Default setting for defaultprint template is Multiple fields per row.