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To delete a presentation template
1. From the Windchill RV&S administration client, expand the Workflows and Documents node, and select Types. The display pane shows the available item types.
2. Highlight the item type you want to delete the new presentation template for, and select Type > Edit. The Edit Type window displays.
3. From the Edit Type directory tree, select Presentations. The display pane shows the presentation template options and available templates.
4. Under Set Presentation Template, set a new template (either a default or one created by you) for the item type you are editing.
5. From the list, select the presentation template you want to delete, and click Delete. The Confirm Delete Presentation Template dialog box displays and you are asked to confirm the deletion.
You cannot delete a presentation template that is still set for an item type. You must first set a new template for the type and then delete the presentation template.
6. To delete the selected template, click Yes. The template is deleted and the name is removed from the list of available presentation templates.
If no custom presentation template is assigned for a type, items display and are printed using Windchill RV&S’s default and defaultprint templates.