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Customizing Item Presentation
Windchill RV&S’s presentation template designer allows you to customize the layout and display of items in your Windchill RV&S database. The template designer incorporates drag and drop functionality to help you create a custom layout for a selected item type. Using the template designer, you can:
create unique templates for viewing, editing, and printing items
control the field order and position for each item type
apply labels, field labels, field values, and images to the contents of a cell
create borders and colors to group similar information
apply background color, logos, and field visibility conditions to the presentation template
create and delete grids, changing the number of the rows or columns in any grid
apply custom cell properties for individual cells and allow cells to span adjacent columns
minimize the requirement for scrolling by placing short fields on the same line
preview a graphical representation of the template’s layout
Windchill RV&S saves your presentation template files in XML format in the database.
PTC recommends creating and editing IPTs in the GUI; however, you can retrieve IPTs from the database for manual editing. Once you are finished editing these files, you can store them in the database.
As an alternative to using the Admin Migration Wizard, you could also retrieve an IPT from a server, modify it, and place it in another server’s database for use.
To retrieve IPTs from the database, use the integrity/im getdbfile command.
To put IPTs in the database, use the integrity/im putdbfile command.
The integrity putdbfile and getdbfile commands require the mks:AdminServer permission. The im putdbfile and getdbfile commands require the mks:im:AdminServer permission.
For more information on using these commands, see the CLI man pages.
Templates for Viewing, Submitting, and Printing Items