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To format template cells
1. From the presentation template designer, select the cell you want to modify. The available properties display.
These procedures only describe how to modify selected cell components of the template. Through the Layout Properties dialog box, you can make global changes that apply by default to all cell components.
2. In the Properties pane, configure the following properties as required:
For Background, specify the preferred background color of the cell by choosing an available named color, or by selecting the Custom option and choosing a color from the selectors for Swatches, HSB, RGB, or Default.
For Horz. Alignment, specify the horizontal alignment of the cell contents, whether Left, Center, Right, or Default.
For Vert. Alignment, specify the vertical alignment of the cell contents, whether Top, Middle, Bottom, or Default.
For Visible When, specify a value to control the visibility of the cell. For example, if the cell is only visible when the assigned group is visible, select Assigned Group.
For Wrap, specify how text wraps within the selected cell. By default, wrapping is enabled (true). To disable wrapping, select false.
The visibility of the grid takes priority over the visibility of an individual cell.
3. To save your changes, click Save.