Server Administration > Presentations > Presentation Templates > Creating New Presentation Template > Adding Fields > To add a field to the template grid
To add a field to the template grid
1. In the Fields view pane of the presentation template designer, select a field to add to the template, for example, Assigned Group. The available fields are determined by the selection you make in the fields filter list (see “Filtering Fields”).
2. Drag the selected field into the target cell of the grid. The field displays as a Field Name{Field Value}. For example, if you select the Assigned Group field, the display appears as follows:
By default, the field name shown by the template designer is the display name entered when the field was created.
3. Drag the field value to the adjacent cell.
4. Repeat this procedure until all desired fields are added to the grid.
Fields that remain in the Fields view pane are not referenced by the template. Windchill RV&S assigns these fields a layout according to the default setting for Unreferenced Fields under General template properties.
To delete a field completely and return it to the Fields view pane, you must delete the Field Label and Field Value pair for the target field.
If you decide to leave empty cells in the template, empty space displays in the item presentation for both the GUI and Web interface.