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To copy a presentation template
1. From the Windchill RV&S administration client, expand the Workflows and Documents node, and select Types. The display pane shows the available item types.
2. Highlight the item type for the presentation template you want to copy, and select Type > Edit. The Edit Type window displays.
3. From the Edit Type directory tree, select Presentations. The display pane shows the presentation template options and available templates.
4. From the list, select the template you want to copy, and click Copy. The Create Presentation Template window displays the file name with the prefix Copy of.
5. In the Name field, rename the template file as desired. The name you choose should help you to associate the template with the item type it is intended for.
6. Make any design changes to the new presentation template as required.
7. When you have completed your changes, click Save and then Close. The new template is added to the list of available templates. You can now set the new template for the item type, or retain it for future use.