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Using Display Names For Fields
When naming a field, Windchill RV&S also allows you to use a secondary name that can be displayed to the user on the interface. This secondary name, known as the display name, is the field title that users see when working with Windchill RV&S. Therefore, the field name is the name used by Windchill RV&S to identify the field, and the display name is the text displayed to the user.
When naming a field, Windchill RV&S automatically enters the same selected name in the Display Name field; however, you can choose a different name to use as the display name. Display names are useful for clarifying the terminology presented to users on the interface. For example, you may want to use acronyms or short forms when naming your fields, but then provide the full text name as the field title that is presented to users, such as a field name Mgr with a display name Manager. You could also use display names to simplify titles, such as a field name Created Date with a display name Created On.
Display names are not intended as a method for translating or localizing information presented on the interface.
To avoid confusion for users, display names must be unique for fields referenced within a single type. Fields referenced across multiple types do not need to have unique display names. For non-unique display names referenced across multiple types, Windchill RV&S appends detailed information or displays tooltips to help the user identify the field.
In the presentation template designer, display names are also used by default for the titles of fields that you insert into your custom template.
To view the column for display names from the GUI, right click the column header, and select Display Name from the shortcut menu.