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To edit a field in the GUI
im editfield
1. From the Fields view, select the field you want to edit.
2. Select Field > Edit. The Edit Field dialog box displays.
3. Edit the field information as needed.
When editing the maximum length of a short text or long text field, decreasing the value does not truncate existing data or affect how data is displayed in the Items view.
If you specify an inactive value for a user, group, or project field with a default value, the existing value is cleared when you relaunch the Edit Field dialog box. For multi-valued user and group fields, the entire field value is cleared even if you specify one inactive value.
To view a history of administrative changes for the selected field, click the History tab. The record of changes displays.
To determine which fields are referenced by any given type, click the Usage tab. The Usage panel shows what types refer to the field and what attributes have been overridden for that type. For types used in document model, the Usage panel shows which fields are significant and which ones are copied when a document is branched.
To determine all objects that reference the field, click the References tab.
4. Click OK to save your changes.