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Deactivating Picklist Values
Setting a picklist value to inactive means that in the GUI it is not displayed in any filtered picklists, such as Severity; however, an inactive picklist value can still be selected using the Select button in the Web interface and is denoted with the [Inactive] tag.
By deactivating picklist values, the picklist is filtered to display only those picklist values that are currently active in Windchill RV&S.
Key Considerations
Inactive picklist values continue to display in fields, history, query filters, relevance and editability rules, constraint filters, charts, and reports.
Inactive picklist values can be selected in query filters, relevance and editability rules, constraints, charts, and reports.
Inactive picklist values cannot be selected in fields; however, fields retain inactive picklist values. If a user edits a multi-valued picklist, inactive picklist values are no longer valid selections, even if only one of the values was previously inactive.
If one or more active picklist values are referenced in a trigger field assignment and you attempt to make one of those values inactive, an error message displays the picklist values and the trigger(s) where the assignment occurs. The references in the event trigger(s) must be removed before making a picklist value inactive.
To deactivate a picklist value in the GUI