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HTML Elements and Attributes
Rich content is expressed using a limited set of HTML elements and attributes. In the GUI and Web interface, rich content is applied using the toolbar buttons; however, HTML source can be copied and pasted into rich content fields. In the CLI and CSS files, rich content is applied and styles are defined using the HTML elements and attributes. Detailed information about CSS and HTML is beyond the scope of this guide. For more information, browse to:
To use rich content from a Web page, paste the Web page content in Microsoft Word. Copy this source content from Microsoft Word and paste it in the rich content field. This ensures that the formatted text and images are preserved in the rich content fields when using the Windchill RV&S client GUI.
<!-- MKS HTML -->
Mandatory element that prefaces all elements in a rich content field. Other comments are removed.
<h1> to <h6>
style, align
size, width
<ol>, <ul>, <li>
src, border, alt, align, hspace, vspace, height, width, style
href, title, onclick
For item links, href is:
where <itemID> is the ID of the item you want to link to.
For attachment links, href is:
where <AttachmentField> is the name of the attachment field containing the attachment and <attachment> is the name of the attachment you want to link to.
style, color
style, align
Converted to <b>.
Converted to <i>.
Converted to <strike>.
style, align, border, width, cellpadding, cellspacing, summary, frame, rules, bgcolor, background
style, rowspace, align, height, width, bgcolor, valign, background
For any elements that deal with size units, the attributes can only be specified as values in pixels or points. Values in inches cannot be specified.