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Range Fields
A range field is a computed picklist field associated with a numeric field: range limits and the associated field are stored in the computation expression and the range category name and icon are stored in the database as picklist items. When a value is entered in the associated numeric field, the appropriate range category displays in the range field. Range fields are useful for defining thresholds for numeric data and providing a broad overview of that data. For example, if a Project type has an integer field called Critical Defects that displays the number of Defect items marked Critical, you could add a range field called Defect Status that displays one of the following range categories based on the number of items in the Critical Defects field:
Golden("Critical Defects" = 0)
Acceptable(1 <= "Critical Defects" <= 6)
Watch(7 <= "Critical Defects" <= 19)
Trouble(20 <= "Critical Defects")
You can also add visual indicators to a range field by using customized images for each range category or by using the item presentation template designer to render range fields differently for each range category. For example, in the Defect Status field you could render Golden as black text on a white background, Acceptable as blue text on a white background, Watch as black text on a yellow background, and Trouble as red text on a yellow background.
You cannot specify different range category names and icons for types; however, you can specify different range limits for types.
Range field values are automatically determined based on an associated numeric field. You cannot edit range fields in an Item Details view.
Range fields cannot contain an associated field that includes a computed expression with an external information function.
Range value limits can be overridden on a per type basis; however, you cannot override range category names and icons.
Add Range Dialog Box Options
Text string for the range category. Range labels can be up to 100 characters.
Use the From and To lists to specify values for the lower and upper range limits.
If a lower limit is not set, -Infinity is automatically entered in the From field. If an upper limit is not set, Infinity is automatically entered in the To field.
A numeric value must be contained in one defined range; range intersections are invalid. For example, the following ranges are invalid: 0–5 and 4–8, or 0–5 and 5–10. For an integer field, an acceptable range would be 0–5 and 6–10. For a floating point field, an acceptable range would be 0–5 and 5.01–10.
If a value is entered in the associated numeric field that is beyond the set range values, the range field displays Out of Range in the item. If no value is entered in the associated numeric field, the range field is empty.
Use Custom Image
Assign an icon image to the range. Browse for the image file. The image must be in GIF or JPEG format, and no larger than 24 (width) by 16 (height) pixels.
No Image
No image associated with the range
Range Fields: Values Tab
Associated Field
A numeric field to associate with the range field.
You can associate a numeric field with any number of range fields.
Add a range to the Ranges list.
Move Up
Move Down
Change the order of a selected range in the list.
Remove All
Remove one or more selected ranges from the list, or remove all ranges.