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Incoming External Reference (IER) Fields
You can create incoming external reference (IER) fields to indicate that a requirement has a trace relationship to one or more objects in a product lifecycle management (PLM) system. This option is only valid when enabled by functionality to create traces between Windchill RV&S and a PLM system. For more information, see the documentation for PTC Navigate Manage Traces.
Incoming External Reference Fields: Values Tab
Incoming Trace Provider
The incoming trace provider that is used to retrieve external references. If you are using ThingWorx, this is the name of the ThingWorx thing that returns IER values.
Display Rows
The number of rows to display
Incoming External Reference Fields: Default Columns Tab
Server where the object resides
Summary of the object
Icon for this object type
Large Preview
Preview of the object
Trace Name
Name of the trace
Indicates whether the trace is suspect