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Troubleshooting Windchill RV&S Agent
The following table contains tips for troubleshooting common issues with Windchill RV&S Agent.
Potential Resolution
Windchill RV&S Agent will not start
Check agent.log to see if:
port for Windchill RV&S Agent is already in use by another component on remote machine, or;
applicable security or required properties were not provided.
Check to see if the property is set to false. Ensure that this property is set to false in Integrity 10.8 and later.
Cannot connect Windchill RV&S server to Windchill RV&S Agent
Check Windchill RV&S Agent(s) is/are running via Windows service or daemon process.
Check server.log file for connection errors on Windchill RV&S server side.
Check the agent.log file for connection errors on Windchill RV&S Agent side.