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GUI Install
This section describes how to install a Windchill RV&S Agent from the DVD browser.
1. If you are installing on a Linux platform, complete the following steps before continuing; otherwise, go to step 2.
a. Copy mksagent.bin to a temporary directory on your server computer.
b. Make sure the environment variable $DISPLAY is set.
c. To make mksagent.bin executable, run:
chmod +x mksagent.bin
d. To run the installation, type
2. The InstallAnywhere window displays as the files needed for the installation are extracted, followed by the License Agreement dialog box. Read the license agreement and indicate your acceptance.
If your system language is Japanese, the installer program runs in Japanese. You can change the installer language to English when prompted by the Run installer in dialog box that displays before the license agreement.
3. Click Browse to select the supported Java executable file.
Ensure that you install the supported JRE version. For supported JRE version, see Windchill RV&S Product Platforms.
4. Click Next. The Windchill RV&S AgentInstallation Location dialog box displays. Accept the default path location or specify another location by browsing or typing the path of the directory where you want to install the Windchill RV&S Agent.
If at any time you want to restore the default location, click Restore Default Directory.
5. Click Next. The Select Product Language dialog box displays.
In the Use Windchill RV&S in check box, select the product language for the Windchill RV&S user interface. Currently the following languages are supported: Chinese Simplified, English, German, Japanese, Korean, and French. The default value is based on the system language. For example, if the system language is set to English, then the default value is English and the user interface displays in English. If the system language is set to Japanese, then the default value is Japanese and the user interface displays in Japanese.
If the system language is a non-supported language, the Use locale format: check box displays (selected by default) with the value set to the system language. This option allows you to display time, number, and currency values in locale-specific formats. For example, if you select the English user interface on a Welsh system, the locale format defaults to Welsh, and the format of all time, number, and currency values is specific to local Welsh rules.
Note the following about this option:
This option requires selecting English for the user interface.
To enable English with no local formatting, clear the check box.
If Use Windchill RV&S in is set to Japanese, this check box is unselected by default. If you select the check box, then Use Windchill RV&S in automatically resets to English.
6. Click Install. The InstallingWindchill RV&S Agent dialog box displays while the installation program installs the Windchill RV&S Agent files to the location you specified.
7. To close the installer, click Done. The Windchill RV&S Agent is now installed and ready to configure.