Server Administration > Change Packages for SCM > Modifying Custom Change Package Attributes > To view change package attributes in the CLI
To view change package attributes in the CLI
From the CLI, type the following command:
im cpattributes
--cpType=change package type
cpattributeID1, cpattributeID2...
--cpType=change package type specifies the type of change package to view attribute details for.
--fields=field1[:width1],field2[:width2]... specifies the attribute fields to display, where fieldn can be any of the following: decimalPlaces, description, displayFormat, displayName, id, isMandatory, isReadOnly, maxLength, name, position, strings, type.
--fieldsDelim=value specifies the string to be used as a delimiter between fields.
cpattributeID1, cpattributeID2... specifies the IDs of the change package attributes you want to view information for. If no IDs are specified, all change package attributes for the specified change package type are displayed.