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Change Package Types Overview
By default, Windchill RV&S includes two change package types: configuration management and Implementer. A change package type consists of change package attributes and change package entry attributes.
Users can query and filter items based on change package types and their attributes. Users can also generate reports to display information on change packages of the defined change package type. By default, all users are permitted to view configuration management and Implementer change packages.
The super administrator can customize and view permissions for the configuration management (si) change package type.
For information on the Implementer change package type, see the Implementer Installation and Administration Guide. For information on other integrations, such as the Windchill RV&S integration with CA Endevor, contact PTC Technical Support.
The GUI functionality for change package types is primarily intended for managing user and group permissions of change package types.
The CLI provides powerful functionality for creating custom change package types and modifying their attributes. The ability to create custom change package types and modify their attributes is intended for use in creating custom integrations. The functionality is provided to define the schema for a change package to reproduce the attributes and entry types in Windchill RV&S that exist in a third party tool for the purpose of creating compatibility between products.
The CLI command documentation is provided in this section with specific options. For information on general options for CLI commands, see the CLI man pages. The commands are also available through the Windchill RV&S API. For information on using the Windchill RV&S API, see Windchill RV&S Integrations Builder Guide.