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Change Package Entry Categories
There are four categories of change package entries: deferred, pending, discarded, and committed.
The following are change package entry type categories and their descriptions:
deferred entries appear only when the change package is in the Open state. When the change package is submitted for review, deferred entries become pending entries. If exclusive locking is enabled, you cannot submit a change package that contains deferred check in entries that do not have corresponding locks.
pending entries can appear when a change package is in the Open, Submitted, Accepted, Committing Entries, Rejected, and CommitFailed states.
discarded entries can only be viewed from the review log.
committed entries are entries that are committed to the repository. They are denoted simply by the change package entry type name, for example, Update.
For change packages that are not under review, only the deferred and committed entry types are available for use in Windchill RV&S.