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Change Package Review Benefits
The benefits of using reviews are:
Reviews provide a formal and enforceable review process.
Reviews force changes to be reviewed before they are committed to the repository thereby providing control over what changes are accepted into a project by making operations pending. Unlike deferred operations, which are stored only client side, pending operations are stored server side and so are visible to all users. This can be useful near the end of a release cycle as a pre-commit review of changes before they are included in a release build.
Pending revisions are not a part of the current state of the project until they have been reviewed (not at member revision); however, they remain in the member history and can be checked out (without a lock) by users (other than the creator) for review.
If the project is one that users will be building from, reviews can remove the need for using a variant project to review changes manually.
Reviews provide an alternative to manual post-commit review while recording all of the review information.