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Scheduling Computation Times
To chart a computation over time, you can configure computed fields to create deltas daily, weekly, or monthly. For a static computed field, this configuration also saves the values to the computed field’s column in the item row of the database. By default, the Windchill RV&S administration client includes scheduled event triggers that perform daily, weekly, and monthly computations. You can edit the triggers to create your own schedule for when computations occur.
When you run a scheduled computation trigger, computed fields are calculated in field order. If an item contains a computed field that depends on the value of another computed field, the computed field containing the dependent value must come first in the field order. For example, if Field B depends on the value in Field A, then Field A must come before Field B in the field order.
For more information on editing and running event triggers, see Overview of Workflow and Document Triggers and the imFieldBean.computeHistoryNow() bean in the Event Trigger Java Documentation on the Windchill RV&S server home page.