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To calculate a static computed field in the GUI
To calculate a static computed field, the How to Run Computations field must be set to Static.
1. In the Windchill RV&S administration client, select the computed field you want to calculate, and select Field > Edit. The Edit Field dialog box displays.
2. To calculate the computed field immediately, select Compute Now. Selecting this option only calculates the field in items where the values of the underlying fields used in the computed expression have changed since the last computation.
3. If you changed the computed field’s underlying computed expression and you want to calculate the field in all items containing the field, selecting Recompute All resets the last computation time associated with the computed field and recalculates the computed field in all items containing the computed field.
4. If the computed field was previously computed, Last Evaluation At displays the date and time that the field was last computed. If Store to History Frequency is set to never and How to Run Computations is set to dynamic, Last Evaluation At displays never.
5. To calculate the field, select Compute Now.
6. Click OK. The computed field calculates and the Compute Now option resets in the Edit Field dialog box. To recalculate the field, repeat the procedure.