Server Administration > Administration Client > Print Functions > To print view information from the GUI
To print view information from the GUI
1. Display the view you want to print.
When printing view information, resize the window width to fit columns, and resize the column widths to fit cell contents.
2. With the desired information displayed in the window, select File > Print. The Print dialog box displays.
3. If necessary, select the required options under the General, Page Setup, and Appearance tabs.
To fit more information on a page, change the paper orientation to landscape to accommodate larger window widths, decrease page margins to fit more information on a page, and, if your printer supports multiple page sizes, select a larger paper size.
4. Click OK to print. The displayed information prints.
Information from rows is not split across multiple printed pages.
Each printed page contains a header that displays the user ID of the person printing the document, the window title, and the printing date. Each printed page is numbered in the footer.