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Controlling Type Creation and Deletion
In Windchill RV&S, the super administrator—the user assigned the Admin permission—can create a new type and assign a type administrator.
Users or groups must be granted the CreateType permission to be able to create a new type or delete existing types in Windchill RV&S. This permission also allows users and groups to assign another type administrator at the time they are creating the type. Once a type is created, a type administrator cannot assign any additional type administrators.
The CreateType permission can be used to extend the capability of the type administrator.
To assign the CreateType permission using the Windchill RV&S administration client
1. From the Windchill RV&S administration client, open the Windchill RV&S view, and expand the Permissions node.
2. Click the Global node. The display pane shows the global permission information for the mks:im ACL.
3. Select ACL > Add Principal. The Select Principal dialog box displays.
4. From the Principal list, select the names for the users or groups who manage projects for workflows and documents.
5. To accept the changes, click OK. The Change Permissions dialog box displays.
6. To assign the CreateType permission, click the corresponding indicator box and toggle through the condition indicators until the box displays a green plus sign indicating the allowed condition.
Once you add a principal, you can edit the associated permissions at any time by selecting the required option from the ACL menu or by right clicking and choosing the required option from the shortcut menu. Menu options include Allow Permission, Deny Permission, and Clear Permission.
7. To accept the changes and return to the main interface, click OK. The display pane shows the new ACL entry for the selected principal and the CreateType permission is allowed for that principal.