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Creating ACLs
To create a new ACL, you can create custom ACLs or modify existing ones.
aa addaclentry
To create an ACL using the Windchill RV&S administration client
1. Open the Windchill RV&S administration client, and select Permissions > All. A complete tree view of all ACLs on the server displays.
2. Select ACL > Create ACL. The Select ACL Entries to Add dialog box displays.
3. In the ACL Name field, type the name of the new ACL. If you selected an existing ACL, that ACL name displays in the ACL Name field and the ACL’s available permissions display in the Permissions list. If you did not select an ACL, the first valid ACL in the ACL tree displays in the ACL Name field.
4. If desired, clear the Inherit ACL Permissions check box to break inheritance of permissions from the parent at this node. Once inheritance is broken, ACL behavior corresponds to the top level project.
5. From the Principal list, select the principal (whether a group or user) you want to add the new entry for.
6. In the Permissions area, revise the permissions by clicking the indicator box and toggling through the condition indicators until the box displays the required condition.
You can also click Allow All to allow all permissions, Deny All to deny all permissions, and Reset to clear all permissions.
Once you add a principal, you can edit the associated permissions at any time by selecting the required option from the ACL menu or by right clicking and choosing the required option from the shortcut menu. Menu options include Allow Permission, Deny Permission, and Clear Permission.
7. To accept the changes, click OK. The ACL is created and the icon is updated in the display pane.