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Problems With Co-located Projects
The ACLs that control projects and subprojects are effectively operating at a directory level. For this reason, problems can arise when separate project trees are co-located on a server file system for the purpose of sharing archives.
Specifically, ACLs problems arise when top-level Windchill RV&S source code projects are placed in the same directory so that all subprojects are in the tree. This co-location creates problems because the ACL namespace is based on the directory where the project tree resides and does not include the name of the project itself. ACL conflicts, therefore, occur when there are differences in the permissions granted to top-level projects in the same directory.
As a result, PTC strongly recommends that you keep top-level projects in separate directories so that each project can be administered by a separate ACL.
If you have developed a project structure that includes co-located projects and shared archives, you should contact Windchill RV&S Support for detailed information on how to resolve this problem.