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Keyword Policy Options
The following policy options are available from the Keywords tab of the policy editor:
Policy Option
Ignore Keywords
If enabled, the Ignore Keywords policy option causes keywords in text files to be ignored when the files are:
checked into the repository
checked out of the repository
resynchronized into Sandbox working files
It can be useful to set this policy option when users work with external source code that contains keywords that do not expand appropriately for Windchill RV&S.
When this policy option is set, keywords are neither expanded nor unexpanded for text files; keywords are left unchanged.
Custom Keywords
The Custom Keywords policy option creates new keywords for Windchill RV&S users to use.
Create or modify custom keywords using the following interface elements:
Keyword defines the name of the keyword you are creating.
Keyword names cannot contain following characters: dollar ($), colon (:), equals (=), spaces, and escape sequences (such as \n).
Do not create custom keywords with the same name as one of the built-in keywords. You cannot override a built-in keyword with a custom keyword value. For the list of built-in keywords, see Table of Keywords .
Value defines the value of the custom keyword when it is expanded.
Add creates the keyword based on what was specified in the Keyword and Value fields.
Remove deletes a custom keyword if it is selected in list.
Edit edits the selected custom keyword.