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Groups Tab
You can navigate to the details view of the desired group or dynamic group using this tab.
You can search for the required group by typing the exact group name or a partial group name. For a partial search, a minimum of three characters are required. The search results for groups contains the following information:
Name of the group.
The domain to which the group belongs.
For example, a group can be a part of MKS Domain or LDAP. The groups listed as System in the list belong to MKS Domain.
The Search Results table will list groups from the domain which is set to take precedence based on the value provided in security.properties file.
By default, if no value is set for property mks.groupsDomain, then the groups related to the scheme which is listed first in the property mks.security.policy.scheme.default are retrieved. For example, if mks.security.policy.scheme.default=mksdomain_private,ldap_private, then groups from MKS domain are displayed.
Groups from the value set in the property mks.groupsDomain are displayed. For example, if mks.groupsDomain=LDAP, groups from LDAP are displayed.
An icon for the group whose details you want to view.
On clicking this icon, a new dynamic tab opens with the group name highlighted. This tab contains detailed information about the selected group or dynamic group. For more information, see the topic Group Details View.
Ensure that all groups are imported in the Workflow and Documents domain if the Workflow and Documents service is enabled. If the groups are not imported, and you attempt to navigate to the Group Details view of a group, an error message stating that the group does not exist is displayed.
A filter option at the top of the table to filter search results.
Dynamic Group
Clicking Dynamic Groups displays all the dynamic groups in the system. For more information on dynamic groups, see the section Dynamic Group Details.
The Search option is enabled only if Workflow and Documents service is enabled, and the logged in user is a Simplified User Management Administrator. See the topic Simplified User Management Administrator Permissions for details on assigning administrative privileges to a user.
Group Details View