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What Is a Query?
A query is a request to select and list the items that meet specific selection conditions. You can create any number of queries, each with different conditions. This allows you to break items down into manageable groups according to your needs. For example, you may have one query to list items assigned to you that are currently in development, and another to list items assigned to you that are currently in review. Queries are also used as the basis for reports and charts, and can be included in dashboards.
You can define the following types of queries:
A Quick Query is an easily defined, disposable query that can only be used by you. A Quick Query is useful for creating temporary queries. By default, the Quick Query searches for all items assigned to you.
A named query is a query that can be given a name and description, and shared with groups. This allows you to create a query that applies to all members of a specific group, for example, a query that searches for all defects assigned to the development group.
A sub-query is a named query that is inserted as a filter into another query. More than one sub-query may be inserted into a query.