Getting Started > Grouping Tasks by Role in ViewSets > Creating a ViewSet > To create a ViewSet in the GUI
To create a ViewSet in the GUI
1. Select one of the following:
ViewSet > New
File > New > ViewSet
The New ViewSet dialog box displays.
2. In the Name field, type a name for the ViewSet. A name is mandatory.
3. In the Description field, type a description of the ViewSet. A description is optional.
4. To copy the actions, toolbars, and arrangement of views in an existing ViewSet, enable Copy Existing ViewSet, then select a ViewSet from the list.
If you enable Copy Open Views for the view that is currently open in the selected ViewSet, for example, the Quick Query view, it becomes the default view when users import the ViewSet for the first time into Windchill RV&S. It also inherits all of the actions, toolbars, and views from the originating ViewSet. To clear the ViewSet of its default views and set your own default views, close the imported default views, and then restart the Windchill RV&S client.
5. To create the ViewSet, click OK.
If a Viewset with the same name exists, the following error message is displayed:
Unable to save operation, viewset file {0} already exists where {0} contains the path of the Viewset.
To resolve this error, click OK to close the error message and try to create the Viewset once again.
If you copied an existing ViewSet, the ViewSet displays.
If you did not copy an existing ViewSet, the Customize <Name> ViewSet dialog box displays.