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Tracing to the Current Member Revision
Source traces are always initially created to the current member revision within a specific project context. As new member revisions are created as the result of normal development activities, the source trace needs to reflect those changes in order to continue to trace to the current revision in the correct project.
As a best practice, you should set up your policies to support the automatic update of source traces. Your administrator must set the following configuration management policies to true:
Change Packages Enabled
Change Packages Mandatory
Change Packages Transactional
Source link fields that were created without Trace enabled contain source links instead of source traces. If clarification is needed on if the field can contain source links or source traces, contact your Windchill RV&S administrator for more information.
If the Change Packages Transactional policy is set to false, your traces may still be automatically updated in some cases, but it is not a supported configuration.
Source traces are not updated until the change package used to record the operation is closed.
If your source traces refer to a line or block of code in the source file (CLI or API only), you must develop a mechanism to update the line numbers on existing traces as new member revisions are created.
In most cases, when a member operation is performed with a transactional change package, source traces to the project where the operation was performed are automatically updated. However, some configuration management operations do not update source traces and require special procedures.