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To Copy Project Permissions
To copy permissions from a mainline or source development path to a target development path:
1. In the Projects View, right-click the project node from which you want to copy project permissions.
You need to customize the Projects menu to make the Copy Project Permissions option visible.
2. Click Copy Project Permissions.
The Copy Project Permissions window appears.
3. The Project field displays the project that you selected while initiating this action.
4. The Source field displays the name of the development path/mainline from which you are copying the permissions.
5. In the Target Development Path drop-down, you can select a development path to which you want to copy the Source permissions.
6. If there are any existing ACLs in the Target Development Path, you can resolve the conflict with the Conflict Resolution Strategy:
Fail Entire Operation is the default option. If this option is already selected and Target development Path has existing permissions, the entire operation fails, without overwriting any permissions.
If you select Replace with Source permissions option, the existing permissions in the Target Development Path are overwritten by the Source permissions.
7. Click OK to continue.