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Viewing Test Result Details
tm viewresult
The Test Result view lists the details of a test result, including any test steps.
To view the details of a test result from the Test Results view (GUI only):
Select a test result and select Test > View Result.
To view the details of a test result from the Test Results tab on the Items Details view:
In the GUI, select a test result and select Test > View Result.
In the Web UI, click .
When viewing a test result in the GUI, you can click the value in the Test Session or Test Case field to display their item details.
Windchill RV&S automatically provides an active e-mail link for the user specified in the Modified By field. Whenever an active e-mail hyperlink displays, you can send an e-mail to that user by clicking the link. If the user does not have an e-mail address, then no link displays.
If the test result has any relationships, attachments, or test steps a check mark displays on the respective tab. This allows you to see that the test result contains additional information without having to click the tab.
When viewing a test result in the GUI, select View > Parameter Substitution to display parameter values in text fields.
To ensure optimal performance in the Test Results view, only fields relevant to item types with test case or test session roles are included. Specifically, the following fields are not available in the Test Results view:
Query Backed Relationship (QBR)
Source Link
SI Project
Dynamic computations
Document ID
In addition, rich content is removed from long text fields.
For information on creating or editing test results, see “Entering Test Results”.
Test Result Details Tabs
The following information displays on the test result details tabs.
Test Result
Displays the test result verdict and annotation, and fields from the test case. The test case fields that display are determined by your administrator. If the test case includes test steps, a summary of the test step results displays.
Test Steps
Displays the test steps in a relationship field.
In the GUI, you can view test step details by right-clicking a test step.
Related Items
Displays related items for the test result, and related items for the test case that the test result belongs to.
Displays list of attached files with the corresponding name, size, summary, date, and user details. You can open an attachment while viewing or editing a test result.
To open an attachment in the GUI, double-click the attachment in the list or right-click the attachment field and choose Open.
To open an attachment in the Web interface, click the attachment file name.