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Working With the Test Result Editor
tm resulteditor
The Test Result Editor enables you to quickly enter results for a manual test session. It displays the test cases for the test suites or test groups in the test session, including any test steps for the test cases.
If your administrator has integrated Windchill RV&S with a third party testing tool, you can use the editor to review the results posted from the external tool. For more information on integrating with a third party testing tool, see the Windchill RV&S Installation and Upgrading Guide.
The test cases that display for test documents in the Test Result Editor are based on the date in the test session’s Tests As Of Date field. Test cases added to test documents after this date do not display. If a Tests As Of Date date is not specified for the test session, the Test Result Editor displays test cases in the test document as of the current date.
To display the Test Result Editor for a test session item, select a test session item in the Items view or Relationships view, or open it in the Items Detail view, and do the following:
In the GUI, select Test > Result Editor or File > Open > Test Result Editor.
In the Web interface, click and select Result Editor.
If a test session contains versioned test items, use the Integrity Lifecycle Manager 12.0 client or a later client only. It is recommended that you upgrade clients older than 12.0 to the current version for using the Test Result Editor with versioned test items.
Test Result Editor: User Interface Components
Configuring the Test Result Editor