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Opening a Sandbox
Opening a Sandbox in the GUI allows you to view and work with the Sandbox and its members. The Sandbox view displays the members and sub Sandboxes of a single Sandbox.
Within the context of a single Sandbox, you can use the Working File Changes view to compare the file system against the repository to review all of the files, folders, and subfolders that have been added, updated, or deleted. For more information, see Working File Changes View.
To see a list of recently used Sandboxes, select Sandbox > Recent or File > Recent > Sandbox. To open a Sandbox, select one from the list.
You can view which Sandbox locked a member from the Member History view, Locks view, Project view, and Sandbox view by setting the view preferences to display the information.
To open a Sandbox in the GUI, do one of the following:
Select Sandbox > Open Sandbox or File > Open > Sandbox and select the type of Sandbox to open:
Normal opens a Sandbox based on the working project on the mainline.
Variant opens a Sandbox based on a project on a specific development path.
The Variant option is unavailable if there are no available development paths.
Deactivated development paths are not shown in the Development Path Name list.
Build opens a Sandbox based on a specific checkpoint of the master project. You can specify the checkpoint through its checkpoint number or label.
From the My Sandboxes view, select the type of Sandbox to open, and then File > Open > Selected.
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